Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Updated 09.05.2018

Welcome! Here we tell you more about which directories we have and how they are handled. Because we take confidentiality matters very seriously!
Handling of customer information and extracts from the register for Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy’s web shop.
First off: Come to Finland follows GDPR. Period.
So we never sign over (or sell) our customer directories, partially or fully, to a third party.
Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy Business identity code FI2045859-6
Postal address
Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy Höyläämötie 3 A 00380 Helsinki Telephone 044-2793379
Responsible for the directory
Magnus Londen
The directory names
1. Come to Finland’s customer directory
2. Come to Finland’s campaign directory
1.     Come to Finland’s customer directory:
The personal information you provide us with in connection with a purchase are used for order handling, invoicing, debt collection, information, marketing, accounting and other things which help us to provide a service that works as smoothly as possible and follow generally accepted accounting principles. When ordering, you as a customer confirm that this is ok with you. We cannot process the purchase without this consent, since we need the information for delivery.
What kind of information do we collect?
All the information is provided by you. We never snoop around…!
In connection with your order we gather the following:
Your name
Your address
Telephone number (not necessary, one can fill in for example 000)
Postal address
Ordered product
Number of ordered products
Payment method
Delivery address
Order status
We use cookies on our website in order to be able to identify our customers.
Our sources
The information you yourself fill in when ordering.
Retention period for the directory: 6 years
2.     Come to Finland’s campaign directory
This directory is separate from the above. Because when making a purchase you also have the option of ticking a separate box stating that you as a customer want to receive offers and information from Come to Finland. We gather names + e-mail addresses only. There are no limitations to the retention period for the campaign directory.
Disclosure of information
We do not sign over the information to a third party. We guarantee that no one but us uses the information for information gathering or marketing etc. We never sell the e-mail addresses and other customer information.
In the case of a suspected crime Come to Finland Ab Oy may sign over information to authorities, according to prescribed law.
Principles for protecting the directories
Our customer directory is treated confidentially. The directories do not exist in paper version. The directories are not saved in the cloud.
Only people who need the directory for their work have access to the directory. We are bound by confidentiality laws and professional secrecy. We do not disclose our customers to a third party.
All Come to Finland employees, as well as any potential advisers, have received a GDPR principle training. They have all signed a non-disclosure agreement in which they commit to follow GDPR.
Come to Finland has made sure that our directory assistants (for example web provider) follow GDPR.
Right to review
You as a customer have the legal right to review the information we have about you in our directories.
You also have the right to be removed from the directories, completely or partially. We are happy to be of service!
A request regarding this should be sent in writing to:
Magnus Londen Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy Höyläämötie 3 A 00380 Helsinki
Come to Finland answers the customer in writing via registered mail within two months after receiving the request.
If the law permits we may also answer enquiries per e-mail. Send your enquiry to posters (at)
You are always welcome to ask us to explain more if this raises any questions!
Safe shopping & surfing!
Best wishes, your Poster Hunter Magnus Londen



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