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Artists: Paul Söderström (1910–1999) & Göran Englund (1911–1940)

Published: 1939

63 x 98 cm

This is one of our absolute favourites. Why? Because it's Finland in a nutshell.

Finland IS Lakeland. And you can still hop on the boat (the boats looks exactly the same today) at the harbours in cities like Kuopio and Savonlinna. And what a ride! It's you and the lake - for a full 10 hours.

This poster was published in English and French and shows just how international they tried to make Lake tourism just before the war.

This poster was published as an official stamp by the Finnish postal company in 2012, thanks to the Come to Finland-project. This same poster can also be found as a Come to Finland post-card and tray.

About the artists

The graphic designer Göran Englund was a student at the Central School of Applied Arts between 1931 and 1934. Together with fellow students Henry Czarnecki and Paul Söderström he founded the advertising agency Kuvamainos Oy in 1934. All three of them were part of the group that a year later founded the advertising agency Oy SEK Ab.

Göran Englund fought in the Winter War against Russia in 1939 as a combat soldier. In March 1940, five days before the war ended, he was badly wounded in Häränpäänniemi in the region of Säkkijärvi, Karelia, and froze to death. Göran Englund is buried in the Memorial grave at Lauttasaari in Helsinki.

Paul Söderström

The commercial artist Paul Söderström was a student at the Central School of Applied Arts between 1931 and 1934. Söderström and his fellow students made up an ambitious group of young graphic artists. In 1934 Jorma Suhonen, Holger
Erkelenz and Aarno Knuus founded the advertising agency SEK. Paul Söderström founded the agency Kuvamainos Oy together with Henry Czarnecki and Göran Englund In the beginning of 1935, the two studios merged, forming the agency
Oy SEK Ab.

Paul Söderström was a skilful colourist and drawer. Among his many projects during the 1930s was a commission to create a poster for the company Nokia’s car tyre Hakkapeliitta, when the company started to produce winter tyres in 1936
as the first company in the world. During the war in the beginning of the 1940s, Paul Söderström served as a drawer on the front line. Many of his drawings can be seen today at the War Museum in Helsinki.

In 1945 Söderström moved to Stockholm. He started working as a commercial artist for the advertising agency Tessab Reklambyrå Ab. Beside his commercial work, Söderström also illustrated adventure serials for the journal Vi. In 1965 he was employed by Wilhelm Anderssons Annonsbyrå, working there for ten years before changing to the agency Dahlbäck och Berglund in 1975. Furthermore, he illustrated a number of books.

After retiring in 1980, Paul Söderström spent a lot of time at his summer house in the archipelago of Stockholm, where he could devote himself to free artistry and the building of model boats.



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Come to Finland

Tervetuloa! Täällä herkutellaan julisteilla, designilla ja suomalaisella matkailuhistorialla. Kaikki alkoi ajatuksesta, joka heräsi matkakirjailija ja toimittaja Magnus Londenin mielessä erään antikvariaatin ulkopuolella. Ideasta syntyi laadukas kahvipöytäkirja usealla eri kielellä. Nykyään Come to Finland on menestyksekäs kulttuuriprojekti ja kasvava yritys.

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