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Artists: Paul Söderström (1910–1999) & Göran Englund (1911–1940)

Originally published: 1939

Size: 10 x 15 cm

Thickness: 3 mm

Made in Finland out of Finnish birch wood.

Can be used as standard post cards.

Some background...

This is one of our absolute favourites. Why? Because it's Finland in a nutshell.

Finland IS Lakeland. And you can still hop on the boat (the boats looks exactly the same today) at the harbours in cities like Kuopio and Savonlinna. And what a ride! It's you and the lake - for a full 10 hours.

This poster was published in English and French and shows just how international they tried to make Lake tourism just before the war.

This poster was published as an official stamp by the Finnish postal company in 2012, thanks to the Come to Finland-project. This same poster can also be found as a Come to Finland post-card, poster and tray.

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Come to Finland

Tervetuloa! Täällä herkutellaan julisteilla, designilla ja suomalaisella matkailuhistorialla. Kaikki alkoi ajatuksesta, joka heräsi matkakirjailija ja toimittaja Magnus Londenin mielessä erään antikvariaatin ulkopuolella. Ideasta syntyi laadukas kahvipöytäkirja usealla eri kielellä. Nykyään Come to Finland on menestyksekäs kulttuuriprojekti ja kasvava yritys.

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